What to do in Playa del Carmen?

What to do in Playa del Carmen?

Secret River

Río Secreto is part of the new natural wonders of the world. Its creation and formation is millenary, within the underground river, here the visitor can understand part of the history of humanity and at the same time appreciate the impressive visual spectacle that thousands of stalactites and stalagmites give to this mysterious and enigmatic place.

One of the keys that makes this place such a wonderful place is that this cave is semi-humid. Its beauty differs from most of those on the peninsula, which are usually completely flooded.

Strolling through this ancient place is feasible for visitors of all ages. It can be covered in about 3 hours or more, depending on the itinerary. Or you can swim in the waters and appreciate stalactites and stalagmites.

The cave is made of glass and a bad step can cause the wonder to disappear, it seems a bit exaggerated, but this is the reality, therefore whoever enters must take into account that each geological formation took perhaps thousands of years to form; the history of the planet can be seen engraved in the mineral.

This site is the living example that it is possible to admire and learn about natural beauties causing the least impact and above all preserving a treasure that was revealed to us to share with the whole world. It is an attraction where nature and human beings converge in harmony.

Cenote of Chaak Tun

This cenote near Playa del Carmen has access from Avenida Juárez. The beautiful place is made up of two caverns, a small one illuminated with artificial light and a larger one, which has a cavity through which sunlight enters.

Right in the middle of the second cave is a tree and the Sun filtering through the branches offers a beautiful natural spectacle.

The small cavern has a ceiling of stalactites that "threaten" the passerby like a swarm of beautiful rock arrows about to attack. The water is quite cold.

Blue Cenote

Nothing more refreshing than swimming in the water of a cenote on a sunny day! The cenotes are natural lagoons that are fed by underground waters. They have been formed over millions of years due to the wear of limestone or after cave roof collapses.

The Cenote Azul is one of the favorites of the inhabitants of the Riviera Maya, perhaps it is because it has many areas with shallow depth, which makes you feel confident to swim freely throughout most of the place. But if you need to feel more secure, you can rent life jackets right there at a low cost. As well as renting snorkeling equipment or bringing your own.

The Blue Cenote located south of Playa del Carmen, about 20 minutes if you go by car.

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